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Viroqua Area Schools

Viroqua Area Schools, about 11 hours ago

This is the updated plan summary. Further itemization and specificity are determined when prepared for bid. The information establishes the general ranges for these areas as a rough order of magnitude estimate and helps us continue the planning process. #Viroqua #Education see pic

Deb Deaver

Deb Deaver, 1 day ago

If you would like your student to receive the Influenza vaccine at the October 24th flu shot clinic, please return the form as soon as possible. The make-up day will be held November 1st.

Deb Deaver

Deb Deaver, 2 days ago

Reminder...If you received a notification in the mail about missing immunizations, please stop in the school office or return the Immunization/Waiver Form. We need to be 99% compliant or will be required to exclude students from school.

Viroqua Area Schools

Viroqua Area Schools, 3 days ago

If you haven't seen it yet, please watch our video on our referendum website. It gives you deeper a look into the scope of the referendum. see pic

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